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    Brand: KAYA
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    Kaya Fire Fox

    The Most POPULAR & RELIABLE traditional bow in Malaysia & South Asia!

    Bow Length (BL): 50”

    Draw Weight (DW): 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 & 60# @ 31” Draw Length (DL)

    Type: RH or LH user

    String: Fast Flight

    Material: Fiber glass, carbon & hard maple

    Finishing: Gloss finish with blue colour inside & dark silver colour on the limb base and has a comfortable padded grip.

    Recommended Brace Height: 13-14cm

    Recommended DW for Beginners: 35-40# (Men)

    Recommended DW for Beginners: 30-35# (Women or Children)

    Recommended 50” BL: Archers with 29” DL and above.

    Recommended DW for instinctive shooting: 40-50# (beginner & intermediate)

    Recommended DW for aiming shooting: 30-40# (beginner & intermediate)


    General Information :

    1) The Differences between Each KAYA Bow Model :

    All the 4 models have the same performance. Smooth draw with minimum vibration. 

    Colour, design and finishing will determine the selection of the 4 models.

    Popularity of 4 Models Based on Percentage of Number Sold :

    Wind Fighter - 35% (red, colour of fire and blood,  associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power &  passion)                           

    Black Cat      - 25% (black, associated with power, fear, mystery, strength & authority)

    Fire Fox       - 20% (same design as windfighter just colour option - Blue)

    KTB              - 20% (traditional & classic look)


    2) Warranty Information :

    6 months warranty


    3) Recommended Arrows :

    Carbon Arrow  - 6.5mm diameter arrows  Brand: Beman ICS Bowhunter, Accura X Force

    Wooden Arrow - 5/16" or 11/32" diameter arrows.  Material Cedar, Pine & Ramin (please contact us to check the availability of the item)


    4) Recommended Accessories :

    Accura Leather Thumb Guard

    Accura Leather Hand Protector

    Accura 502 Quiver

    Accura Traditional Bow Case