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    The newly released Pro Defiant for 2017 features a really cool looking aluminum riser, which gives the bow a nice edgy look. For some shooters, it looks like a Nitrum and Defiant hybrid riser. Aside from the fresh riser design, and some limb color options for the target color side of the lineup, the Pro Defiant is basically the same as the 2016 Defiant. The DFX cam and a half system stay on the Pro Defiant lineup and the 31 remains at an axel-to-axel measurement of 30.5-inches. For shooters not pulling the trigger on the Defiant series last year, the Pro Defiant new looks may be enticing enough to make the purchase for 2017. However, shooters already owning a 2016 Defiant, they may struggle spending $999 MSRP tag on a bow that has some beefed up looks. Shooters wanting to purchase the new target color configurations will also have to pay for it since the target colors are an MSRP of $1149. Although the prices are a bit steep, they are not increased over last year, and are competitive with other flagship model compound bows on the market for 2017. The Pro Defiant is an awesome bow, tunes well, and has some great specifications for such a compact bow. Shooters should appreciate everything it has to offer, it just stinks there is not much different for the 2016 models.

    Eccentric System

    The DFX cam is carried over from 2016, and for most Hoyt shooters that is a good thing. These cam and a half systems are fantastic overall, and have some great features shooters will truly appreciate. Performance wise, the DFX cams are not setting speed records at an IBO measured 331 feet per second. However, with a 7-inch brace height, the Pre Defiant still has acceptable speeds and performance. The draw lengths range from 24-30-inches, which can be changed in half-inch increments with a rotating cam module. Hoyt is a bit different in regards to offering three separate base cams instead of one cam system to cover the entire draw length range. The number one cam system can be adjusted from 24-26-inches, the number two cam can be adjusted from 26-28-inches, and the number three cam can be changed from 28-30-inches. For shooters that have a choice between cam systems with a 26 or 28-inch draw length, it is typically better to choose the cam which maxes at that draw length because it will perform a bit better.The cams are designed to work with the limbs in a way that creates a better feel at full draw. The string comes off the cams at the highest point possible on the cam, which ultimately increases the string angle of the bow. String angle is something that has not been talked much about on hunting bows in recent years, but it is noticeable with the DFX cams. Obviously, the actual axel-to-axel measurement does not change with the cam system, but at full draw, the string angle measures the same as an older version Hoyt bow with an axel-to-axel measurement of 3.45-inches longer. This may not seem significant on paper, but it does place the shooters posture and head position in a more upright position making the Pro Defiant a bit more comfortable to shoot.

    Draw Cycle/Shootability

    The Pro Defiant is an awesome shooting compact-sized bow. The 30.5-inch axel-to-axel bow takes up the space of a smaller model, but feels like a longer axel-to-axel bow based on the string angle and weight. The riser length is short, but it is built off a solid platform giving shooters a bit more stable feel at full draw. Hoyt recognized the old compact bow design flaws, which made a steep string angle often forcing shooters into an uncomfortable head tilt to get everything properly aligned. With the cams and limbs working together, the 30.5-inch axel to axel has the string angle similar to one of previous Hoyt turbo models at 33-inches, and it feels like a longer bow in the hand as well.The draw cycle is silky smooth from start to finish, although the weight seems to stack up pretty early on in the draw cycle. The cam and a half system is easy to pull, feels nice through the valley, and is customizable on the back end. Shooters can shoot with the installed cable stops, or add the optional limb stop to firm things up on the back end even more. Shooters have different personal preferences for what feels best, and some find they have a different preference based on the release they choose. The option to use either style back wall is a fantastic integration, and helps boost the DFX cam popularity with shooters. While pulling into either back wall, the bow holds well on target and is comfortable to aim. The valley is pretty generous as well, and allows shooters a little wiggle room, but not enough to get super sloppy and shoot with bad form. After the shot, the bow is dead quiet. There is a little ring with the aluminum riser, but with some added accessories, this vibration is virtually non-existent. For a designed hunting bow, the Pro Defiant is a great choice, and should be very popular with those on the market for a new bow.

    Usage Scenarios

    The Pro Defiant is a designed hunting bow. Although the engineered axel-to-axel measurement feels more like a 33-inch bow, the compact design makes the Pro Defiant great for hunting situations and tighter spaces. For the average Joe wanting to stay in good shooting shape, the Pro Defiant may also accompany some shooters to the 3D course over the summer as well. However, anyone with money to win on weekend shoots will more than likely be choosing a different rig.

    Bow Hoyt Pro Defiant Hoyt Defiant
    Version 2018 2016
    Picture Hoyt Pro Defiant Hoyt Defiant
    Brace Height 7 " 7 "
    AtA Length 30.5 " 30.5 "
    Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
    Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs
    IBO Speed 331 fps 331 fps
    Weight 4.2 lbs 4.0 lbs
    Let-Off 75%, 80% 75%