1. Do you need a license to own archery equipment?
No. Many people might have confused this with owning CROSS BOWS, which are now illegal in Malaysia. Cross bows are classified as weapons, whereas Archery is a sport.
  2. How do you make payment?
Local orders (within Malaysia)
Please bank in to our account as stated in the invoice . Fax us the transaction slip and you're set. Once we've confirmed the amount, we'll send you your order immediately.

School orders 
Please send us the ORIGINAL LOCAL ORDER (L.O.) form (no photocopies or faxes). 

International orders
Please bank in at this account as stated in the invoice. Then, just fax or email us the transaction slip and again, once the transaction's cleared, we'll ship your order as soon as possible.

  3. What service do you send my orders by?
It depends on the weight and the total size (of all your items put together) of your order. GD Express is our main carrier. We also ship via TNT, DHL and EMS.

Delivery time (via GD Express)
West Malaysia - Next Day
East Malaysia C 2 days
Elsewhere C Subject to carrier's timetable
  4. What specific information do you need for me to get the right bow and equipment?
Buying a bow is like buying a shirt, with the right measurements you'll get the right fit. To help us get you your bow, we need:
Your Draw Length 
Your Draw Weight
Are you Right Handed or Left Handed?
  5. Are there any indoor/outdoor ranges for archery?
We have a 5 lane 18metre (International standard) indoor range, right above the store at Kepong, KL. If you don't have your own equipment, you can visit Stars Archery indoor ranges at Genting Highlands or Sunway Pyramid. 
  6. What is the minimum age to start archery?
The minimum age is 5. We have bows tailored for all ages.